Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 30 2008

Wow, these products are so amazing! I LOVE being able to actually help people with their weight, health, and wealth problems by introducing them to the Zxoom product line. You can actually feel good about what you are doing, you are blessing peoples lives so don't be afraid of introducing the products to everyone because before long someone else will introduce them to it!!! Today I went to visit my dad, the night before I gave him some blox and told him to take his clense T. I have NEVER seen him SOOO EXCITED full of energy!!! HE said he hasn't felt so good EVER!! He has not been feeling well for quite some time. His sugar levels were about 113 today and he is down to 1 insulin shot, not 5! He also had a rotater cuff injury which has always bothered him which it isn't any more, he never sleeps through the night, which he is now, he is usually depressed, not any more, he doesn't take his pain pills because he doesn't have the pain! He is just amazed on how good to be true the products are for him! I have worked on getting him to take the products for 3 months and FINALLY he is taking them and wondering why he didn't listen sooner. He was on the phone all day today telling everyone about the products, his downline will grow over night. I am so excited for him and for my family and feel very blessed to have this product to bless their lives.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

July 24 Thursday

What a day, I guess since I will be working all weekend long today will be my saturday. I went on a very long run today with the help of my GO. It was such a nice day to be outside and LOVE to run, gives you time to think and clear your mind. Afterwards I went to help my family with a few things and my mom and dad are getting excited about the Liv Sxinney Business. My dad has been taking the product for three weeks and has lost 20 lbs!! He weighed himself today and thought the scale was broken. He is down 4 belt notches on his belt and he has type two diabetes and his sugar levels are NEVER in control with insulin. He is always above 250 which is not good! He woke up this morning and his levels were 90!!! they have been averaging about 150 and under which is amazing and he has reduced his insulin. I am so happy that something is helping him with his health. My mom was so excited because she was able to fit in a smaller pair of jeans and felt comfortable. They are introducing the product to family and friends, can't wait for them to get going.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Wow time sure does fly! I am terrible at writing everything down but I am going to start. Well when I started taking the liv sxinney products I didn't weigh or measure my self. I do know though that is helped with my endurance with the half marathon I ran and also with stress levels, mood levels, with all the mortgage news going around. Cindee Stone MADE me measure (which I am glad she did) about 6 weeks ago and I have gone down 37 inches!!! I don't weigh myself but measuring is so important because muscle weighs more than fat so it is good to track your progression. I tried the GO the other night on my nightly runs and my timing improved by 3minutes and 30 seconds. At first I thought it was a fluke but the more I read on this amazing product I am excited!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

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ZXoom's Products FAQYou ask. We answer.
Liv Fit LivSXinney LifeStyleQ: I recently started the Liv Fit LivSXinney LifeStyle and have been experiencing problems with constipation, why is that?A: Occasionally when a person increases the amount of fiber in their diet, such as the addition of cRave to the nutritional regime, they may feel constipated. , ClenzT was designed to help balance the body’s natural elimination processes and should help with digestion. The effective time for ClenzT is approximately 6-10 hours after taking the capsules, if you are still constipated after that time period you should consider increasing your dose anywhere from 1-4 capsules. After such a cleanse the regular consumption of fiber and prebiotics, like those found in cRave, could help to keep you regular.Q: How can the Liv Fit LivSXinney LifeStyle help during menopause?A: Both pre and post menopausal women experience mineral loss which is usually characterized by osteoporosis, a disorder in which the bones become increasingly porous and brittle due to a loss in calcium. The fulvic minerals found in LivSXinney can be beneficial in helping the body retain key minerals. Also, the ZXoom program can help women who experience the characteristic weight gain that often accompanies menopause lose unwanted weight.Q: Will the ingredients in LivSXinney or any of the other ZXoom products have a negative effect on a person with diabetes?A: Diabetes can cause other health problems such as elevated liver enzymes, elevated triglycerides, obesity and Wilson’s disease. None of these associated problems would preclude a person from using LivSXinney or Crave. In fact, the ingredients in Crave have been found to be useful with the reduction of trigylcerides and lowering cholesterol (LDL). Diabetics are especially in need of minerals and other nutrients so the Liv Fit LivSXinney LifeStyle will be very beneficial to their health overall.Q: Why do some people lose inches faster than weight?A: Water weighs one pound for every pint and drink and as you hydrate your cells this may cause you to maintain the same weight. If you recently started drinking a large amount of water with your LivSXinney, then the amount of water in your system may be greater than it was in your previous “dehydrated” state. Over time your body will equilibrate and you will drop the weight as you lose fat and maintain a hydrated state. However, as you increase your exercise regime you will begin to gain muscle and lose fat but which may also cause your weight stay the same. This is because an increase in lean muscle mass makes you more dense, allowing your body to be more able to burn calories, produce energy and feel better.Q: Why do the ZXoom products contain paraben?A: Paraben accounts for ‹0.1% of our product and is used as a preservative. If such a preservative was not present bacteria from the air or in surrounding areas could enter the product bottle and begin to grow, making the product potentially hazardous. We use paraben because we are vitally concerned about health and the purity of our ingredients. Paraben assures that the product remains safe for use even after opening.Q: I have been following all the instructions for the Liv Fit LivSXinney LifeStyle and I still haven’t lost any weight or inches, what am I doing wrong?A: It’s important to understand that everyone loses weight differently. Some people drop weight quickly while others tend to lose it at a slower pace. It’s also possible to lose some weight quickly and then hit a plateau that is difficult to get past. The most important thing you can do at this point is to stick with the program. Making these lifestyle changes and improvements can be difficult but the products have been formulated to help you keep your energy up and your body nourished while working for a better quality of life.
LivSXinneyQ: How does LivSXinney benefit me if its only ingredients are chlorophyll and a few minerals?A: The Liv Fit LivSXinney LifeStyle includes LivSXinney, Crave, ClenzT and other products. All these products combined help you to lose weight, detoxify your body and receive key nutrients that are lacking in many of today’s foods. LivSXinney itself contains fulvic minerals that have disappeared from our food due to the depletion of soil through the use of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides. The chlorophyll contained in LivSXinney is key in helping keep your body increase stamina and endurance. Drinking LivSXinney all day also helps to keep your body hydrated and your mineral levels balanced. LivSXinney can also help reduce your cravings for sweets, helping you maintain a healthier lifestyle.Q: Will the chlorine found in regular tap water affect the efficiency of the chlorophyll in LivSXinney?A: Chlorine will not inactivate chlorophyll or any of the other minerals found in LivSXinney. However, chlorine is also never healthy and it is best to avoid it when possible. Q: What can I do if I don't really like the mint flavored LivSXinney?A: It is possible to mix LivSXinney with another beverage to help disguise the taste and make it possible for you to drink it all day. Other people have found that mixing their LivSXinney with another flavor, such as lemon oil or fresh lemon,, made it so the LivSXinney was more to their taste preference.
cRaveQ: When I take cRave I get light headed and my heart begins to beat faster, what is causing this reaction?A: Nothing in the cRave product itself would cause such a reaction. If you aren’t eating five times a day as suggested the hunger could cause lightheadedness. To avoid this you should be careful to eat every three hours and supplement your diet by taking cRave at the beginning of your meals.Q: What is the purpose of Inulin in cRave?A: Inulin’s purpose is to produce a good environment for intestinal flora to grow, it works best when used consistently. It is included in cRave in a careful amount so that it is effective but does not produce excess gas.Q: Is there something else I can take to get the benefits of cRave if I don’t like the flavor?A: Although the benefits of cRave go far beyond just ingesting fibers that is one major benefit. You should try to eat large quantities of fiber on a regular basis in order to make up for the fiber you are missing by not taking the cRave.
ClenzTQ: What can I do differently if taking the capsule form of ClenzT doesn’t seem to be as effective for me?A: Several people have found that the ClenzT works best if they open 2-3 capsules and dissolve it in hot water to make a tea. This can be drunk either hot or cold according to your preference. Also, the capsules themselves are made of cellulose (plant fiber) and will dissolve in the hot water but will also take a few extra minutes.